Salam & Welcome Everyone!

Salam & Welcome Everyone!

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Saturday, 28 June 2014

SOLD OUT Nivea, Safi, Polleney, Palmer, Skinz, Jimmy Choo, Extatic Balmain

(1) Polleney Pati Ikan Haruan (Essence of Black Fish) 6x70 ml,, expires 9/4/2015
     Selling price : RM10 SOLD OUT

(2) Flash Jimmy Choo EDP 100 ml, expires 11/2016, Actual price  RM 390
     Selling price : RM 120 SOLD OUT

(3) Extatic Balmain Paris EDT 90 ml, expires 12/2016, Actual price : RM335
    Selling price : RM100SOLD OUT

(4)  Nivea Extra White Serum 30 ml expires 8/2015
     Selling price : RM10SOLD OUT

(5) Al-Aisyah BB Cream 30 ml expires 2015
      Selling price : RM10 each

(6) Eversoft Skinz Night Moisturizer 40 g, expires 3/2017
     Selling price : RM 12

(7) Safi Rania Gold Moisturizing Night Cream 40g, expires 3/2017
    Selling price : RM10

(8) Nano White Infinity Starter Kit (contains 3 items ie foam cleanser 15g, refining astringent mist 30ml, day vege-moister 15g), expires 11/2015
 Selling price : RM5 SOLD OUT

(9) Palmer;s Skin Theraphy Oil 150 ml, expires 12/2016, Actual price : RM39.90
Selling price : RM20  SOLD OUT

All the above price are not inclusive postage, except perfume (EDP & EDT).
Free delivery via poslaju if you buy 3 items or more.

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