Salam & Welcome Everyone!

Salam & Welcome Everyone!

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pharmaton Capsules 100's free 30's

Genuine products, brand new, sealed
Pharmaton Capsules 100s free 30's
Retail price : RM100 (at Guardian Pharmacy)
Sellling price : RM60 (u save 40%)

A Combination af standarized Ginseng Extract G115 with vitamins, minerals and lipotropic substances for health. Pharmaton Vitality products are designed to improve your physical and mental capabilities and help the body cope with exhaustion and fatigue caused by stress. Ginseng G115 influences your body's use of energy - thus reducing daily fatigue - mainly as a consequence of the increased capacity for oxygen uptake. The extract also acts on the central nervous system and helps minimise stress, physical and mental tension. Furthermore, Ginseng G115 positively influences and strengthens the immune system

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