Salam & Welcome Everyone!

Salam & Welcome Everyone!

Dear visitors & potential customers,

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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Gin & Jacqie Bag Organizer (Purple & Red)

Brand new.
Brand : Gin & Jacqie
Type : Bag Organizer.
Colour : Purple & Red

Retail price for the set : RM49.90
Selling price for the set (both bags): RM 25
(purple bag may be sold separately at RM15, and red one (smaller in size) at RM10)



Anna Da Lady said...

Akak...Beg purple tu, ada zip tak area dalam?

Wan Adawiyah said...

dua2 dah habis dijual ker???

Aliana Isma said...

akak tak der restock ke???
nak yg kaler merah tu....

Aliana Isma said...

akak tak restock ke?? nak yg kaler merah tu... huhhu
kalo ada email me